Tananyag-csomagok / Learning Sets

Baby’s Best Start

  • For infants aged 3 months up to 22 months and parents or grandparents
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English For Infants

  • Beginners aged 2 – 4 years, In this learning set, young children learn and experience English basic
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More English For Infants

  • Progressing Beginners aged 3 – 5 years (This set is used after completing English for Infants)
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First English For All Children

English For All Children

  • Beginners/pre-intermediate elementary learners aged 5 – 10 years. This set can be used as a follow-up course to English for Infants, More English for Infants or First English for All Children
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More English For All Children

  • Intermediate elementary learners aged 5 – 10 years (This set is used after completing English for All Children)
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Play On In English

  • Advanced elementary learners aged 5 – 10 years, This set can be used either as an advanced learning program of spoken English for children aged 5 – 10 years, or with children’s drama groups for both native-English-speakers or children with a basic knowledge of English
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Botty The Robot

  • Advanced Elementary, aged 8 – 12 years, Here’s a real treat – a musical comedy that’s a breakthrough in English teaching videos. Children, love this musical story that holds their attention while teaching important concepts in English
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Paul Ward’s World

  • For grades 4 – 5, ages 9 – 12 years, Students learn all the required subject matter for 4th and 5th grades at school, including vocabulary and grammar. Throughout this 4-book set, children love helping Paul Ward find Camilla, his pet chameleon, and sharing in adventures that take them to many different countries around the world
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Paul Ward and the Treasure

  • For Grades 5 – 6, ages 10 – 14 years, Designed to combine the principles and practices of Helen Doron Early English with those of ‘Suggestopedia’, to create a multi-sensory, colorful, musical celebration of learning that makes a life-long impression
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